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Here’s Some Mouthwatering Facts about Meat Pizza in Guelph

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer deep dish, thin crust or any other variety of meat pizza in Guelph. Statistics report that you eat literally thousands of slices in one lifetime. If you’re interested to know more about that delicious mixture of sauce, cheese and dough, read on.

Did you know that?

  • Lombardi’s in New York City is considered the first pizza parlor in America? It started selling our favorite food in 1905 and was first a grocery store.
  • Canadians and Americans both love this popular food. Our friends south of the border eat 350 slices every second. Here’s a bit of perspective on the number. Across the United States, 21,000 slices are eaten in one minute.
  • The very first pizza was invented in Italy at the beginning of the 1500s. History tells us that lower income people in Naples would put tomatoes and dough together and then top it off with cheese.
  • Pizza Depot carries a variety of different meat pizza in Guelph choices. They include something for everyone including a bacon cheeseburger pizza and a meatball pizza that comes with green peppers and onions.

Here’s some more interesting background on everyone’s favorite food. Not everyone knows that the American military was responsible for bringing it back to the USA after World War II. American GIs had grown fond of pizza while serving in Italy, so they made it one of the popular food choices here after the war.

Pizzas were sold only by the pie at first. It wasn’t until 1933 in New York City that Patsy Lancieri started cutting them into the slices that are so popular today.

World Record

There is even one world record that we researched and want you to know about. The biggest pizza in the world was made in Rome on December 13 in 2012. The Guinness Book of World Records clocks this one in at 122 feet and 8 inches in diameter.

People across the globe like their pizza different ways. For example, in Japan some common toppings include mayo and squid.

It’s no surprise that people in Scotland love pizza too. They just have a different take on how it gets cooked. Scottish pizzerias offer deep-fried pizza as one of their specialties. Don’t forget to take a good look at our meat pizza in Guelph options that include a tandoori chicken version.

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