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Tips for Ordering Indian Pizza in Toronto For Big Events

People often choose Indian Pizza in Toronto when they are ordering for a large gathering. Pizza is popular, affordable and easy to order and have delivered. Here’s how you can get some that suits everyone who will be at your gathering.

  • Ordering a variety of different pieces to appeal to everyone’s taste is the first suggestion. Don’t be afraid to try a few new things. Veggie and pepperoni pizzas are the traditional choices. However there’s a bunch of other creative options to look at that include Greek and Hawaiian pizza and a host of others. If someone is especially fond of a certain kind, offer to let them take some home afterwards.
  • Taking into account your guests’ dietary restrictions is an important consideration. People who are lactose intolerant will be pleased when you order cheese free pizza. The same can be said for your vegetarian guests when they find out you ordered meat free pizzas.
  • An Indian Pizza in Toronto is sure to be a big hit made even more popular when you add some side dishes. Finger foods like boneless chicken wings and potato wedges are always popular. Don’t forget to add on some of the more traditional sides like French fries and Onion rings. Mozzarella sticks are another great choice.

Ordering pizza for a large group of people requires a little planning. Asking for several boxes to be delivered or picked up can cause some issues if you don’t plan ahead. Take the time to ask each of your guests what kind of pizza they want including the toppings. Write everything down and then phone it in planning well enough ahead of your party.

Average Person

You’ll need to calculate how much pizza you need. Research says the average person can eat three pieces in one sitting. The typical pizza is usually cut into eight slices. If you have any questions, get in touch with us before you start ordering. We are always more than happy to help you calculate the right amount.


Finally, before you order any Indian pizza in Toronto, it’s good to know what the most popular toppings are. Pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms take the top three positions in that category. Cheese, chicken and beef are the next three on the list followed by onions and olives.

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