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Great Ways To Reheat International Pizza in Oakville

The International Pizza in Oakville we serve is just as good the next day. However, if you want your pizza to taste like it did the night before you need to reheat it. You have several options including the microwave, stovetop or oven. However, which one you use depends on how much pizza there is left over and how fast you want to eat it.

The Oven

Some people think using the oven is the best way to reheat pizza. They say it tastes almost exactly the same way it did when it arrived the night before. That includes sizzling pepperoni, gooey cheese and the crispy crust you love. There is one downside to using your stove to heat up a slice of international pizza in Oakville. It will warm up your entire kitchen which isn’t what you’ll want to do in the summer.

It’s also not very efficient to heat up your whole stove for one slice. This is a good method if you’ve got a few you’ll want to reheat. Of course there are others to choose from.

Use a Skillet

This is often called the stovetop method and it works great. It’s also fast and it provides results that are close to your oven. Using a skillet provides crispy crusts and melted cheese. Add a little bit of water to the bottom and cover the skillet. That will make sure the toppings get heated up too. Use medium heat and add slices one at a time. Add a few drops of water on the sides after a few minutes to make sure everything is cooking evenly.

You can trap the steam by covering the skillet.

Try The Microwave

If you are looking for the fastest way to reheat your pizza, this is the way to go. However, this method isn’t the best because the slice can get soggy. Microwaves cook food from the inside to the outside, and that means the crust can go hard. Water evaporates inside one of these appliances and takes its toll on your food.

Here’s a hack that you can use to make things better for your International Pizza in Oakville when you need to heat it in the microwave. If you put a microwave-safe mug inside beside your slice, they’ll be less evaporation and the food will stay moist.  You can also he has slice up in the microwave and finish off with the toaster oven for a crisp crust.

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