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A Few Tips That Help Pizza Delivery in Scarborough Go Smooth

Pizza Delivery in Scarborough is one of the services that we offer to make sure your special event goes smoothly. Maybe you’re throwing a small party for your friends and family? Perhaps you’re having a bigger event for the team from work or some out-of-town guests?

Regardless, ordering the properly sized pizza for a larger crowd takes a bit of planning. Even though most people enjoy this kind of food, you need to consider each person’s preferences and tastes.

Here’s a few tips to help get you through that process.

Start Early

Placing a large order on the spur of the moment doesn’t work out so well. If you are ordering several boxes of pizza, it takes plenty of resources and time to get it done right. Last-minute ordering can spell missing ingredients that can be disappointing.

Don’t forget to order enough cheese. Ordering plain cheese pizzas is a good way to please at least several people in your crowd. Some people are fond of creative toppings. By ordering extra seasonings, toppings, and different sauces, your guests can add what they want themselves.

Pizza Delivery in Scarborough, Ordering and Dietary Needs

You may not be able to please everyone completely, but you should consider people’s dietary restrictions and needs. Perhaps you want to order a gluten-free crust with a vegetarian pizza. As well, you should consider at least one without cheese.

Ask for them to be labeled clearly. It’s also a good idea to provide some basic side dishes. Take a few minutes to look at the ones we provide and consider a bowl of apples or other fruit. That’s for the people attending your event who don’t want to eat any pizza but would like to participate anyway.

How Many

Of course, you’ll need to consider how many pizzas you need for your occasion. That includes how many people will be in the group as well as how many are children and may only eat a single slice.

Here’s a quick formula that can help you. The average medium-sized pizza has eight slices. The average hungry adult usually eats three pieces.

Pizza Delivery in Scarborough goes a lot smoother when you preplan the toppings you want. One of the first considerations is allergies. You’ll also need to find out if anyone attending your event needs to follow a special diet of any kind.

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