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Great Tips for Ordering International Pizza in Windsor

Pizza Depot has a wonderful selection of international pizza in Windsor choices. Each one you will find on our menu comes in three different sizes. There is a medium, large, and extra-large that’s great when the crowd stops by for a snack.

You can order them all online and have them delivered to your home or office. Here are some other excellent tips for ordering one of these pizzas.

  • The Mexican pizza is a great choice. This one comes with jalapeno peppers. Here’s a great tip if you’re going to order online. Make sure to write down everything that your guests want before you phone it in. It cuts down on any confusion at either end and you’ll receive your pizza quickly.
  • The spicy Italian pizza is a thin-crust delight. We always recommend that you order the extra-large for delivery. That way you can send your guests home with a slice after the big night is over.
  • The Canadian pizza has bacon and mushrooms as well as pepperoni. When you get the pizza home, the standard way to eat it is from the tip to the crust. That way you’ll get to eat the cheesy section first and work your way toward the crunchy parts. Remember you can order extra ingredients and toppings.
  • Our clients are never surprised to find that the Hawaiian Pizza comes with pineapple. If you’re going to order it for delivery online, we always like to suggest that you turn your outside lights on. That way our drivers can see your house number clearly.

Pizza Depot has a wonderful variety of great food. That includes our international pizza in Windsor choices. There is something for every taste on our menu. Don’t forget that you can order the Greek pizza for delivery. It’s an excellent choice because it comes with fresh sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, and onions as well as black olives.

Calories on The Website

If you’re watching your waist, we have listed all the calories for each of these pizza choices right on our website.

Here’s a final tip for ordering from our international pizza in Windsor selections.

If you’re having a party, you should ask everyone what kind of toppings they prefer before you order. That way you can rest assured everyone will have a good time and get the food they enjoy.

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